Three Different Oral Functions

Basic Facts About Oral Sex Function 

  1. Big doll has a better experience for oral sex.
  2. All the factory can do oral sex, or so-called Enhanced Sex Doll Mouth ( add movable jaw and oral sex channel) .
  3. Our factory can add auto sucking function into the oral function, or you can call it Automatic Blowjob.


Three different Oral Optionals

1.Normal Oral(Or Basic Oral Function)

This is basic oral function, the color for the tongue is white. The production process for this is quite simple, it can be done in one step. However, the disadvantage is that the tongue color is not good, because it is not pink.

2.Automatic Oral(Or Simulated Oral Function)

In view of the disadvantages of the first method, improvements were made at this stage with additional processing, so that the tongue color can be customized, with pink as the default.

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3.Automatic Oral Plus(Or Simulated Auto Sucking Blowjob)

In order to enhance the blowjob experience, we have added auto sucking function that allows enjoyment without needing to use hands, making oral function a truly usable function.

More Powerful Upgrade Feature

Considering the cold temperature of the oral cavity, we have added a heating function (internal oral cavity heating) to the head, which will make the internal environment of the oral cavity more lifelike. (Need to add more cost to get this heathing function)

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