What’s EVO or Yoga Skeleton?

The EVO or Yoga skeleton is a fully articulated skeleton that allows for greater mobility and a wider range of motions. This advanced skeleton has enhanced shoulder, elbow, waist, leg, and knee joints that facilitate more natural and flexible movement.

With the EVO skeleton, dolls can more easily achieve motions like rotating, bending over, twisting, posing in a W position, and doing other yoga poses with the legs. The joints move smoothly to enable realistic and graceful transitions between poses.

For example, the improved shoulder and elbow joints make it simpler to pose the doll’s arms overhead or behind the back. The articulated waist grants the doll the ability to lean forward, sideways, and in circular motions. The leg and knee joints permit wider stances, kneeling, sitting cross-legged, and other seated positions.

Overall, the EVO skeleton’s fully articulated design grants dolls a much greater freedom of movement for more varied, expressive, and life-like posing. With its flexible joints, the EVO skeleton allows dolls to realistically achieve motions and positions that enhance their visual interest and versatility. This advanced skeleton represents a considerable upgrade in poseability and performance.

via RedGIFs