Automatic Sucking & Wriggling

Automatic Sucking

The electric sucking is a technology that utilizes an electric pump to create a vacuum resulting in rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the vagina, which has been widely applied to Automatic Masturbation Cups. Now the same function can be done on sex dolls, making the experience more realistic. This application was first inspired by automatic masturbation cups and transplanted onto sex dolls by AZM company. After it became a hot seller in China, other companies followed up with this function. Currently this function is very mature and available.

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Virgin Wriggling(Or Automatic Virgin Wriggling)

The principle is similar to Automatic Sucking, the difference is that Automatic Sucking mediates the expansion and contraction of the vagina, while this function moves the vagina up and down.

You can’t even imagine how comfortable this function will make you feel!

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