How Are Sex Dolls Priced?

The most basic doll assembly method

The basic materials for dolls are TPE and silicone. TPE materials are softer, while silicone is a bit harder. Silicone can actually be made hard or soft depending on the specific needs. For example, silicone heads need a sense of stereopsis to make the face more vivid, so they are generally made harder. This way the implanted hair can stay in place for a long time without falling out. If the head also needs to provide oral cavity function, then it needs to be made a little softer. This results in three doll combinations: TPE head + TPE body, silicone head + TPE body, silicone head + silicone body.

TPE head + TPE body

This combination has the lowest price and highest sales volume, and is also the earliest type. It occupies over 90% of the market share, with price being the determining factor.

Silicone head + TPE body

This combination is a moderate choice, allowing for a stereoscopic head as well as a soft body, without too much added cost. This combination currently accounts for around 7% of the market and is the best choice for many people looking to experience high-end products. 

Silicone head + Silicone body

This combination is the most expensive, but the product quality is the best. The high price is fundamentally due to expensive materials and high R&D costs. Currently, the high selling price results in low sales volumes. Just looking at photos, it’s very difficult to distinguish between a TPE body and a silicone body, since veins can be made on both, unless you get high-res original images. In summary, the difference between a silicone head + TPE body and a silicone head + silicone body is not as stark as between an iPhone and a Samsung.

Pricing Structure

Based on the facts above, doll pricing is divided into three basic parts, plus optional doll features. This makes the price of a customized doll clear. See this link for specific optional doll features. AZM factory’s product lines cover both high-end and low-end markets, so all kinds of users can find suitable dolls here!

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